About Ian Wilson

Ian G. Wilson is an award winning artist and a former high school teacher and college tutor.  He has had a lifelong interest in ghost stories and _IGP0283
mysteries, particularly the classics by M.R. James, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Dorothy Sayers.  About seven years ago, he decided to try to combine the elements of mystery and the supernatural in a series of lighthearted novels:  The Mendocino Room:  A Ghost Story, The Phosphorescent Terrier, Walpurgis Night, The Lampshade, and The Succubus.  These are in progress works, and, with the help of a number of writing groups, nearing their final drafts.   Ian lives in Sacramento, California, with his Border Collie, Athena.

Ian would like to thank his  colleagues Ms. Anara Guard and her husband, Mr. David Hutchinson, for their invaluable technical and creative suggestions in the building of this website, as well as Mr. William Van der Mei, Ms. Gini Grossenbacher, and the members of the Elk Grove writers critique group for their ongoing and tireless efforts in developing The Mendocino Room and its sequels.

You can see some of Ian’s art and craft work at on Etsy.

Copyright 2015 Ian G. Wilson

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