The Mendocino Room Series

The books in this series feature the furniture restorer, Trevor Atherton, and Burning Candleshis beautiful ophthalmologist wife, Gabrielle Mochizuki.  Though Trevor is skeptical of the existence of supernatural phenomena, Gabrielle is not, and eagerly drags her reluctant husband off on a series of ghostly adventures.  Along the way, the couple meet the inimitable Madame Griselda (“the best medium in Northern California”), and her butler/assistant, Waters.  Trevor is also beset by the “hallucination” of his best fried, Lalo, who was killed in a rock climbing accident.  Zany characters and atmospheric settings abound throughout the stories, each of which is a test of Trevor’s disbelief.

Book 1: The Mendocino Room

Copyright 2015 Ian G. Wilson


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